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Never Wanna Hurt You (Bad Love Baby)

Love Me Like – Kamaliya


  • Another great achievement of "Never wanna hurt you". This time it climbed in 3 weeks from 45th to 10th position in prestigious HITFIRE Single Chart.
  • #tbt At the Eva Longoria Nobel Gift Gala Ball at The Dorchester with Eva Longoria, December 2011.
  • I would like to thank my producers, management & PR for making my album "ClubOpera" a smashing hit in the UK and beyond. So far the performance of my singles from album "ClubOpera" in the UK Upfront Club Chart: Butterflies - No.1; I'm alive - No.6; Love me like - No.5; & Never wanna hurt you - No.1 .... and of course last but not the least is to be in the mainstream Commercial Pop Chart at No.2.
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