A cunning path to fame

Yesterday something happened that turned my mind upside down.
The lead participants of this event were myself, “Inter” TV channel crew, a “respectable” family and two stray dogs, Lisa and Sonya.


So, let’s reconstruct last night’s events. Iwas invited to a TV program called “Pet Dog”, on “Inter” TV channel (http://inter.ua/ru/programs/entertaining/semeyniy_pes). The main idea of the program is to find kind and loving owners for 4 stay dogs. I love animals very much, so I was happy to take part in the show, creators of which are doing such a good thing. My episode was the last this season. We shot the last scenes in which mother, father and 2 kids had to pick a pet for themselves, Lisa or Sonya. The life story of these homeless little ones was, unfortunately, typical: beating, damp cold sheds, concrete barracks and indifference of humans.

Lisa is a black half-breed of Tibetan terrier. When her first masters discovered that they bought a half-breed but not a pure-bred dog, they just threw her out into the street. Lisa lived in horrible conditions for 2 years and that undermined her “dog’s life” (Though veterinarians told me today that she’s not a half-breed).

Sonya is a mongrel that was used by someone as a watchdog to guard some outbuildings, but the masters were unhappy with Sonya’s “work”. She was beaten and thrown out. With fractured pelvis she was picked up by volunteers. During filming she was very scared and tried hiding in the corners while looking with terrified eyes at strange people who tried to pet her.
According to the scenario, the family that decided to get a dog, had to live with the dogs in the same house for some time. That way they were getting used to one another. In the final episode one of the dogs joined its new family and the other one, unfortunately, headed for the shelter.
Everything was going in accordance to the scenario. We voted unanimously and the family picked Sonya, so Lisa’s fate was decided. She was taken out of the frame. The happy family were hugging and petting Sonya. Children were taking pictures with their new pet. Myself and the crew wept with joy as finally the poor dog got a family, home and tasty food.
On this high note I left home. But Lisa, delicate and quiet Lisa, made me uneasy. I realized that without owners she would die. The dog was ill and it was doomed without qualified help and care. Then I decided to contact the producer, who invited me to the project. I asked whether I could take Lisa to the doctors. And once the dog’s recovered, I’d help to find a family for it where it wouldn’t be mistreated. While we discussed all the details about Lisa, producer’s voice seemed very strange to me. And then I learned the terrible truth of the real end to the show. The happy family didn’t take Sonya!
Love to Sonya ended with the Director’s word “Cut”. After all those hugs, tears, sighs the “caring” family refused to take the dog. They just wanted to get on TV and this show was just means to get their faces on the screen. Though, I didn’t see the faces.
“It eats too much!” was one of the arguments of the “highly spiritual” family.
Yet again, poor, scared Sonya experienced human betrayal, and she can “happily” head back to where she belongs – her own shelter!!!
I’m no longer surprised by adults acting that way, but how could children be so cunning and hypocritical? Where’s the truth? How can one trust people after that? I heard that the head of family works for some kind of an orthodox church TV channel and writes nice texts about high human values and ideals. Let God be his judge. He’ll sure say a lot of nice words in some kind of a spiritual show. But to me this family looked like a bunch of cheaters, who lost their conscience.
After the show “Riches Cry Too” myself, Olya Gromova and Natasha Vetvitskaya were subjected to so much negative. In people’s perception rich people are bad people. But I always thought that bad person is the person, who offends the weak and the defenseless, who kills, cripples, throws out innocent animals. First hugs the dog, cries in front of the camera and then easily gets away from responsibility for its fate.
I’m not ashamed of my life, I don’t hurt anyone, and if the fate gives me responsibilities, I try fulfilling them. I don’t want to evaluate the actions of these people and their children. It’s not for me to judge.
We’ll sure treat Lisa.
I hereby ask all of my friends, please, repost Lisa’s pictures (black curly one) and Sonya’s pictures (gray short-haired) to all of your friends. There are many of us and I’m sure that together we’ll find good hands for the dogs, who will love them without trying to get on TV.
Yours ever,

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