A Letter From Jeff Most

So privileged to receive such a letter of appreciation from Jeff Most, the producer of the movie “Officer Down”! Love you too, Jeff !!

Dear Kamaliya and Zahoor,

I agree, completely, with Gabriella (Director of my forthcoming Hollywood romantic comedy “Legal Affairs”)!

Kamaliya is a great talent and a gifted international star!

Best regards and love to Kamaliya for all of her incredible work this year! Kamaliya has really achieved superstar status this year thanks to all of her very hard work and her great singles and videos, which have demonstrated to the world what an exceptional and wonderful talent she is!

Let’s not forget Kamaliya’s amazing breakthrough performance in “Officer Down”, in which Kamaliya proved that she is not only an amazing singer and performer in the area of music, but that she is a truly gifted actress who can handle herself with aplomb in even the most difficult of circumstances! I am over the moon that “Officer Down” will receive it’s World Premier in competition at The Dubai Film Festival on December 14th, surely thanks to the incredible efforts made by Kamaliya and other of the illustrious members of the cast who sought to bring this incredibly compelling story to the screen.

And with respect to “Officer Down” we have nothing but respect and true fan worship for all that Kamaliya did with the single “Arrythmia’, which was written for the film, ‘Officer Down”, and which Kamaliya sings in the film and has now elevated into an international dance and pop hit on the best selling charts in many countries Europe and around the world!

Congratulations to you, Kamaliya, for an incredible year of amazing and inspiring work and may the upcoming year bring you even greater recognition and stardom and well deserved success!!!

You are an amazing talent in every respect and an incredible pleasure to work with!

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your immensely creative world and to participate in your tremendous success!

Best regards,


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