Aphrodite Video Removed from Youtube

Today Kamaliya’s video “Aphrodite” has been removed from YouTube because (as elaborated by YouTube):
“A claimant (Stephen Stahl Music, LLC.) sent us a legal notice about their copyrighted content in your video. As a result, your video has been removed from YouTube”.
The fact of the matter is very simple. There were 4 producers of the composition besides Mr. Stephan Stahl & Ms. Courtney Woolsey (The claimants). Other producers are Mr. Sigurd Rosnes & Mr. Nermin Harambasic. This fact is registered in GEMA. They all worked in Los Angeles under the banner of DSign Music. Since then there was a fallout and Mr. Stephan Stahl & Ms. Courtney Woolsey stopped working with DSign Music. Now they claimed their copyright on the composition. YouTube being a foolish organization, whenever they receive a legal notice, remove the song from YouYube, without giving chance to the respondent. This happened this time too.
Under US copyright law, co-writers of a composition each have the right to grant non-exclusive licenses for the use of the entire composition. Given the fact that YouTube license is a non-exclusive license, and Mr. Sigurd Rosnes & Mr. Nermin Harambasic have granted a license for the release of the composition, there cannot be any copyright infringement with regard to any non-exclusive use.
We have written to the YouTube and to the claimants and our lawyers are officially conveying this message to YouTube and claimants too, but the damage is done, and now we have no choice but to go after the claimants for the compensation of the damages (that’s how US works).
In the meantime, you can keep on enjoying the video on Kamaliya’s FaceBook.

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