Berlin workdays

Rehearsals with my band is in full swing in Berlin. Already 3 days are gone and songs are becoming more and more better. On 19th September in Hamburg we will launch the album “Club Opera” with a showcase performance consisting of at least 6 songs with live band and choreographed. In the late evenings the beautiful choreographer Anja Jadryschnikowa and her team getting me prepared for my 3 songs gig including the “Butterflies” remixed by DJ Antoine at David Guetta Open Air concert at Vienna Race Course ground in front of 50000 people on 11th August.

Nevertheless, I still found some time to go out for dinners with my husband, which is great!

Just got SMS from my producer Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen that views of “Butterflies” on YouTube has surpassed 10 million mark and still going strong!

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