Butterflies in Italy

Time Records released Kamaliya’s “Butterflies” in Italy:

Winner of Mrs World pageant in 2008, Kamaliya is poised to become an international star with her pop/dance!

Her single has already infected about half of its melody contagious Europe. The video for “Butterflies” has already surpassed 35 million views on her official YouTube page!

Time Records has signed exclusively Kamaliya’s new single “Butterflies” for Italy and is ready to run it on all the radio stations starting Friday, November 23 and the video will be available on all the music TV stations from Monday, November 26.

Kamaliya comes from Ukraine and is not only a singer but also an actress and a model. A sensational voice, a singer who also plays the violin and writes her own songs. Her voice is comparable to the lyrical voice of Sarah Brightman, pop voice of Britney Spears and ballads voice of Celine Dion … but that’s not all!

Not only the beauty of Kamaliya will leave you speechless but you will also find a talented and charismatic girl to the nth degree!

To increase the potential of this single we also thought of her friend Dj Antoine vs Mad Mark with whom she made a really explosive version in their style 2K12!

“Butterflies” has already reached # 1 in the Music Week Upfront Top 40 English and in 2013 the artist will be on tour across Europe to promote her album ” Club Opera”, set to release in early 2013!

Kamaliya’s Official Sites:

Follow Time Record in Italy:
http://twitter.com/ #! / TimeRecordsIta

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