“Club Opera Concert LIVE” – KAMALIYA (DVD) to Be Launched in Poland on December 20, 2014

Kamaliya’s “Club Opera Concert “- a live album will be released on DVD in Poland and will have its premiere on November 20. For viewers of channel ITV, MTV24.tv, and other media publications patrons it will be telecast on November 22. And on 28th November the album will participate in the grand opening of the biggest music club CICHE GÓRNE in Podhale (capital Krakow, Malopolska region), which will consist of two dance halls, which will host mainstream pop and dance music, in the presence of the most popular disco performers. 100 “Club Opera Concert LIVE” – KAMALIYA (DVD) will be distributed among the participants of the event. The DVD will go to music clubs, presenters, media thanks to Dee Jay Mix Club.
The CD will feature the following recording:

- Hello
- Butterfies
- I.m Alive
- Zombie Love
- You Make Me Wanna
- Love Me Like ….
- Full Moon Light
- Good Life
- Caught Up
- Who’s Gonna Love You Tonight
- Never Wanna Hurt You (original version)
- Happy

The disc will be available on a special contest for fans on Facebook: Kamaliya Poland.
In September we will present some suggestions about the sleeve for the cover of the DVD on both sides.
And today we present the first image published with a photo shoot by IREK Kamieniak (www.carolineandirek.com) that took place in Warsaw (June 19) during Kamaliya’s stay.

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