Giacomo Maiolini Turned 50

Giacomo Maiolini turns 50 – The owner of Time Records, Italy today joined the prestigious Club 50. He celebrated his jubilee at the trendy Officine Del Volo in Milan, Italy with few hundred celebrities in attendance. Great wines from the industrial town of Bresia, quality food, vintage disco music, legendary group “Propoganda” paid tribute to Giacomo. By incident Giacomo’s Time Records is the label which bought rights for my album “Club Opera” and already released single “Butterflies” a few months ago. Due to aggressive promotion campaign by Time Records, “Butterflies” is one of the top single in Italy and competing in different charts with grands of pop and dance music. The presidents of the labels Jeff Music, France, Embassy of Music, Germany & UltraMusic, USA who holds the rights of my album “Club Opera” in their teritorries, were also present. The programme was anchored by the charming Ms. Kay Rush.

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