kamaliya and narada walden performed in kyiv

My showcase performance at Crystal Hall, Kiev for the launch of my new album “Club Opera” went very well last Thurdsay. Ukraine, though not an English speaking country, and for the audience, except for “Butterflies”, all the other 6 songs were new to them, yet they were dancing & shouting though, I must admit, to a much lesser extent than their UK, German & Austrian counterparts, where I have performed these songs before. Yet I know that the way they reacted was way over the Ukrainian customary!!

I perform two songs “Nothing gonna stop us now & All the man in world” from the Narada William Walden’s collection with maestro himself on the drums. That was real fun & epic.
We repeated our performance at a high scale event of fashion & music at Fairmont Grand Hotel, Kyiv on Friday, where I was also the showstopper for the English designer Roubi’L'Roubi.

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