Kamaliya is to Get 2 Polish Dragons

Kamaliya – is already laureate of Polish Dragons Awards 2013 in the categories of the Best dance single ‘I’m Alive” and best international dance singer as judged by Małopolskie television audience in the poll.

Kamaliya now has a chance to get “GOLDEN NOTE Awards 2013″ in the category “Female Vocalist of the Year”, “Dance Hit of the Year 2013 – I’m Alive”-

Please vote for Kamaliya either by simply clicking the “Lubię to”(Like) on the channel’s web site
or send an email to address: malopolskietvmedia@interia.pl
by typing in the subject of email: “GOLDEN NOTE 2013″ and in the body of text
Kamaliya – vocalist of the year 2013 & Kamaliya – I’m alive- dance hit of the year 2013.

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