Kamaliya on SoundCloud


Kamaliya invites you to listen to a private set called Kamaliya on SoundCloud.

Track listing:
01 Arrhythmia (Mike Rizzo Remix) 16bit
02 Open your heart (Soul Seekerz Remix)16bit
03 Rising Up (Cahill Remix) 16bit
04 Make up your mind (Digital Dog Remix) 16bit
05 White Nights (Mike Rizzo Remix) 16bit
06 Crazy in my heart (Digital Dog Remix) 16bit
07 You are the one (Buzz Junkies Remix) 16bit
08 Got The Groove (Cutmore Remix) 16bit
09 I’m a Fighter (Almighty Remix) 16bit
10 My Life (Ruff Loaderz Remix) 16bit
11 Dominoes (Almighty Remix) 16bit
Listen here!

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