Kamaliya Saves Stray Dogs

A few months ago I was invited to a TV show, where families lived a few days with a couple of stray dogs in the house and then picked one they liked the most and adopted it. What a great cause of the programme.
There were two dogs Liza and Sonya. The family picked Sonya but Liza was quite sick, so I took her to the veterinary clinic and she lived there as long it was required. She needed a few long stays at the clinic. Thanks God now Liza is fully recovered and I have adopted her Рthe first non-pedigree dog in my house and I can confirm that she is no worse than the pedigrees.

Sonya though was not that lucky, the family which was supposed to adopt her, backed off. It turned out that they were just interested in showing their family on the TV. How disgusting! They even involved two kids in their dirty game.

Now I want to start a campaign to adopt stray dogs instead of buying a pedigree. I’m sure you will all support me.


  1. jason says:

    Kamaliya I will support you 1000%!!! You know I love dogs too)))))))) Jason

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