Kamaliya to Perform at “Top of the Top” Festival in Sopot

Hi my Polish friends,
Poland stands at #3 in the YouTube views of my single “I’m alive”. This single has been on the top of the YouTube chart in Poland for weeks. A massive massive thanks for your support.
When I was a wannabe artist, I traveled Poland from top to toe and from left to right for 6 months with my programme and I loved the country. In 2009 I played leading role in a movie called “My Widow’s Husband” with charming Polish actor “Marcin Mroczek”.
…and here I’m now, getting ready to hit the Sopot Music Festival in the “Top of the Top” day, 24th August at 19:30 at Lesna Opera with my mega hits “Butterflies”, “I’m alive” & others from the album “ClubOpera”.
Very excited…..can’t wait…)))
See you in Sopot!!!

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