Kamaliya Will Perform at “Stars For Free” Concert

Kamaliya will perform at “Stars For Free” RTL Radio event in Berlin on August 31.
Here’s what the event’s site has to say:

It has been a long way for Kamaliya to travel since her first album “Techno Style” back in 1997. With the fusion of electronics and classical or folk elements, the classically trained singer quickly became a superstar in her home country, Ukraine. With each successive album, her range expanded internationally. Really, a vocal range of several octaves in the pop scene is just not an everyday occurrence.

Another proof of her great diversity is the great success in Spain, Italy and the UK. Now it is time for the German fans to raise Kamaliya in this country to the new heights. Kamaliya is without a doubt “alive” – all over metropolitan clubs and in the top ten of the album charts. There is no reason for 2013 to be YOUR year also in Germany.

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