kamaliya’s band

Kamaliya – The Live Band:
Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen not only produced Kamaliya’s album „Club Opera“ but also gathered a group of well known German musicians to be her live band. Since August 2012 Torsten Goods Guitar- Band Leader), Robert Matt (keyboard), Thomas Stieger (Bass guitar) and Jost Nickel (drums) are Kamaliya’s live musicians performing on stage with her. The three vocalists Annette Steinkamp (Vocal coach at the German version of Voice), Sabine Mahnke (In 1990′s had songs in top 10) and Alexandros Panayi(who is also Kamaliya’s vocal coach & writes musicals and performed at Eurovision) complete the band with their backing vocals. Together they have performed a numbers of shows and are Kamaliya’s partners in the live shows in the years to come.


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