Kamaliya’s Popularity Chart

My management has sent me the list of top 20 countries according to my popularity since I have changed my pattern of singing.

Its pity to note my home country Ukraine on 5th position in this list and my husband’s original country Pakistan on a distant 8th position though his current country UK is on the top position. My father’s country Russia is on a decent third place.

One could clearly notice that relationship between the people of India & Pakistan are definitely getting better, because even though Indians know that my husband is originally from Pakistan, they are 2 spots ahead of Pakistan in the chart. Hats off to Indians.

Hopefully the other countries will join the race and in future will show much better results.

Have a nice weekend:

1. United Kingdom
2. United States of America
3. Russia
4. Germany
5. Ukraine
6. India
7. Italy
8. Pakistan
9. Spain
10. Turkey
11. Poland
12. Mexico
13. Iran
14. Austria
15. France
16. Malaysia
17. Brazil
18. Argentina
19. Canada
20. Indonesia

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