Kamaliya’s Spring Schedule

Its gonna be a very busy busy spring/summer from now onwards!
The photo shoot in Kyiv;
Attending the Ivor Novello Awards; Ascot & Henley in UK;
Photo shoot with Jason Joyce in London;
Launching of the album “ClubOpera” in London with AATW/Universal;
Promotion of “ClubOpera” at Summer Rights Festival, prestigious UK clubs and schools;
Vocal & dialogue coaching for a new song and a new Hollywood movie;
Recording of a duet in Barcelona;
Shooting of the movie “Legal Affairs” with Brittany Snow and Chase Crawford in Hollywood;
Morning TV shows in Germany;
Attending Monaco Grand Prix;
Gigs in Italy, Germany & Spain;
Kick start of the promotion of “ClubOpera” in the US with UltraMusic;
Couple of reality shows in and out of Ukraine; and
…….so on!!

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