“Meet The Russians” Reality Show

In September, the American channel FOX launch Meet The Russians , a docu-reality 9 episodes following the lives of the Ukrainian pop star Kamaliya and Zahoor, her billionaire husband . The couple is one of the 300,000 ethnic Russians living in London . ” Many have investigated the Russians living in London over the years and their lifestyle. But until now, the world has never been followed in a series being dedicated to him . Meet With The Russians, all this will change. The show will give viewers unprecedented access and plunge in the heart of a fascinating world, glamorous, super rich that we know the existence but not behind the scenes ” ad FOX. Kamaliya Zahoor and succumb to all the madness . Thus, they believe that bathing in champagne is good for the skin and do not hesitate to buy two private jets on the same day. ┬áRead more

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