My first scene in What About Love

Sharon Stone, Andy Garcia, Marielle Jaffe, Spanish actors Miguel Ángel Muñoz, José Coronado, Romanian actress Maia Morgenstern and myself are the main cast of the Hollywood drama “WHAT ABOUT LOVE” by director Klaus Menzel being shot at Castel Film Studios in Bucharest.

Today was my first day of the shoot and I was so nervous before the shooting that how I am going to work with the Hollywood grands Sharon Stone and Andy Garcia. It turned out to be very simple. They both were so kind and helping on the sets that I suddenly felt lot of power within and gave a performance which was equally liked by my idol Sharon Stone and director.

Earlier in the day we greeted the great Spanish Goya award holder actor Jose Coronado with his birthday. He is so cool and handsome and of course a great actor. I wish him best of luck, health,wealth and more and more awards.
I have seen the rushes of the movie which was filmed before I have started and I am sure that this is going to be a great movie which could be shown in any big film festival including Cannes & Sundance, and both Andy Garcia & Sharon Stone could easily win any award in the world including the Academy awards!!

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