My forthcoming music video “I’m alive”

It was probably the harshest day & night of our life, when we had to pretend summer in the freezing weather wearing just the minimum dresses. But I think it was worth it. Almost 6 months director Oliver Sommer, Stylist Sabine Lerner, choreographer Anja Jadrischnikowa, producer Jonas Fensch worked on this music video “I’m alive”, which is the second single of my forthcoming album “Club Opera” after the mega hit single “Butterflies”. Special thanks to the make up artists Sandra Leutert & Lemara, my dancers from the group “VaBank” whose two dancers seriously caught cold and were sent to hospital and the DoP Francisco Dominguez who did a real great job. My fans all over the world and the labels all over Europe, who are releasing my album in Europe are anxiously waiting for this single and video. Europe wide release is expected in February 2013. Watch out for further announcements from your local labels,

H&I Music, UK

Embassy of Music, Germany, Austria & Switzerland

Blanco Y Negro, Spa


D-Noy Muzik, Canada

Time S.P.A., Italy

Family Tree Music, Scandinavia

Jeff Records, France

Magic Records, Poland, Bulgaria

Spinnin’ Records, Benelux

who will release the single, video and remixes on radio, TV channels and digital & physical stores.

See more pictures here


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