my partners in what about love movie. part 2

Introducing my partners in the director Klaus Menzel’s Hollywood drama “WHAT ABOUT LOVE”:
The role of Christian is being played by Miguel Angel Muñoz (MAM), an Spanish actor & Singer, who began his career as an actor at the age of 9 in the film El Palomo cojo, then multiplied the television appearances, especially in the soap opera Al salir de clase and the series Compañeros, before doubling Sinba d in the Spanish version of the film Sinbad of the Seven Seas.

In 2002, he performed the role of Roberto Arenales on the television series Un Paso Adelante, for which he took dance classes. Following the impressive success of the series, Beatriz Luengo, Pablo Puyol, Monica Cruz, Silvia Marty and him founded the band Upa Dance. In 2004, while all other members have left the band to begin a solo careers, MAM refounded the band with Edu Del Prado and Elizabeth Jordan, who joined the series.

After stopping Un Paso Adelante, in 2004, MAM Has solved to start in turn a solo career, without neglecting his acting career. He released the single “Dirás que estoy loco”, already performed by the character of Roberto. The song was ranked #1 in Spain for eleven consecutive weeks, by selling 180,000 copies. It was not until 2006 that MAM launched his single in France and Italy, where it also met success, supported by a new version of the videoclip. The album was certified gold in Italy.

After a summer at the theatre (El Cartero Neruda) in 2006, he joined the series Mis Adorables Vecinoss. It also appeared in the film Los Borgia, larger budget film for a Spanish film, and began the shooting of the horror film Intrusos in May 2007.

He’s currently working on the series “El síndrome de Úlises” as Ulises.

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