“Never Wanna Hurt You (Video Version)”

On 18 and 19th December, Buckeburg Palace, near Hannover in Germany became set for my new video “Never wanna hurt you (video version)”. It will reflect exactly, what people expect from my videos: lot of glamour, many dancers and a sort offlashback to another, fanciful time . This time, the video tells the story of an unrequited love , in the style of ” Dr. Zhivago ” – the epic movie from 1965, set in the time of the Russian Revolution.

The castle was so beautiful , I was extremely impressed by the beautifully designed walls and applications in the ball rooms . I love those old building .

I will release later some more pictures from the shoot, but right now you can see the group photo of the great team that has done everything possible on site to make this video happened. My heartfelt thanks and best New Year’s greetings to all those lovely people.

The video is expected to be released in end February!

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