Opera Parts Used in “Club Opera” Album

A lot of fans from all over the world are asking what arias I have used in my album “ClubOpera”!

Woooow…. I am so glad that my songs and album have facilitated the awakening of new generation’s interest towards the classical music.

Here are the arias that I have used in the album.

1.”Butterflies” – ” Madame Butterfly ” (Puccini)
2.”I am alive” – ” Lakme ” (Leo Delibes)
3.”You got me at Hello” – ” Swanlake ” (Tschaikowski)
4.”Full moon light ” – ” Moonlight Sonata ” (Beethoven )
5.” Zombie Love” – “Adagio G Minor ” (Albinoni /Giazotto)
6.”Love me like ” – ” Les pecheurs de perles ” (Bizet)
7.”Happy” – ” Magic Flute ” (Mozart )
8.”Never wanna hurt you” – ” Prince Igor “(Alexander Borodin)
9. “Good life” – ” Giustino ” (Vivaldi)
10.”You make me wanna” – ” Fahrenkrog-Petersen”
11.”Caught up” – ” Fahrenkrog-Petersen”
12.”Who s gonna love you” – ” Fahrenkrog-Petersen”

You can notice that three of those are not the classical arias but the brainchildren of my genius producer Uwe Jorn Fahrenkrog-Peterson, who, by the way, is busy writing three musicals in Los Angeles, along with the co-producers of my album “ClubOpera”, his Norwegian colleagues from Dsign Music AS, and promised that in each musical there will be a place for me as an actress and singer.
Very excited…..Thank you, Uwe!! I love you!!!

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