Snow Strom in Kiev

I have never seen such a snow fall in my life. I was stuck in the traffic whole night. It was so heavy that it took me 8 hours to reach home after my rehearsals for the inauguration of my new single “I’m alive” at the “Ukrainian person of the Year” awards today. I reached home just now, i.e. at 04:20. I have my doubts that the ceremony is going to take place, as the whole transport system is paralyzed and except for 4 wheel drive no other vehicle can move. The roads are full of of broken cars, just like after a tank battle. I don’t think that my make up artist and hair stylist can make it to my house. There are lot of international artists coming from Italy, Russia and other countries, but the airport is closed so they cannot make it to the ceremony and other guests and nominees from other towns would not make it too. I doubt that people living in Kiev can also make it to the event venue.
This simply mean that premiere of the song will not happen today.

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