vienna concert

It was a great privilege to be called and perform at David Guetta’s concert in Vienna in front of some 50000 wild crowd. The weather was not good when we came for the sound check and later still it was not as good as one would desire yet the spell of sunshine and rain were interchanging each other every now and then. I was lucky that at the time of my performance the sun was shining brightly. It was even more pleasant to find out that Vienna audience knew my song “Butterflies” and they waved, sang and danced with me. I met with the tall, charming and handsome DJ Antoine who made the remix of my hit single “Butterflies” and agreed that we should do something more together.I don’t remember but I must have given interviews to at least a dozen journalists and photographers from German & Austrian media, radio stations and TV channels. Everyone was complaining that it was a short 10 minute performance and they would like to have a bit more of me.In late evening I was taken to the Beethoven Haus in the suburb of Vienna where we had nice Austrian white wine and food. My internet at the Vienna Le Meridien Hotel was not working till late in the morning and in the morning I flew to Bucharest to take part in the shooting of the movie “What About Love” with Sharon Stone & Andy Garcia in the lead roles. Luckily the internet is working in JW Marriott, Bucharest and I was able to upload the photos!

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