Watch Kamaliya in TrosShow This Sunday

This Sunday, the 15th  of February at 21.20 all the multimillion viewers of the TrosShow at channel NPO1, Netherlands  have a chance to sneak into the extraordinary story of a successful singer / actress Kamaliya who paid a lightning visit to Ivo Niehe in Amsterdam along with her billionaire husband Mohammad Zahoor for an exclusive interview.

Kamaliya is a classically trained singer who is very popular in many countries

and soon would be seen in a Hollywood movie “What About Love” along with Sharon Stone and Andy Garcia among others.

In addition, the Zahoors can be seen in the weekly episodes of a program called

“Meet the Russians” by Fox UK, being aired all over the world including Netherlands.

Kamaliya and Mohammad though a couple for 13 years now and recently saw their marriage blessed with the birth of two beautiful twin daughters.

Yet do not stick to her career only as a singer but also as committed to gay rights and welfare of the children worldwide.


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