“What About Love” Movie Premiere is Set for February 14, 2014

Producer/Director Klaus Menzil’s Hollywood drama “What About Love” in which I am co-starring with Sharon Stone, Andy Garcia, Marielle Jaffe, Miguel Angel Munoz & Jose Coronado is set for the worldwide theatrical release on Valentine Day 2014. My three songs “Waiting”, “To Love” & “Faking” are included in the sound tracks of the movie. My dance music lovers may be a bit disappointed as all these songs are either ballads or close to classic genre and I am sure you will love it once you have watched the movie.
Keep the date….14th February 2014!!!


  1. Anna says:

    К когда в России покажут? И каккое название будет?

    • Sergey says:

      Премьера откладывается. Пока не знаю когда она состоится. Название будет, скорее всего, локализовано местным прокатчиком, когда он будет определен.

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